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23i wrote

autumn, I guess.


GrimWillow wrote

I like running around everywhere without really breaking a sweat. This is also the perfect time for having layers to adjust warmth to always feel great. In the summer you can only remove so many layers, the winter your layers are fuckin' bulky (and there is always a spot that is too cold, sometimes at the same time as a hot spot somewhere else) , and the spring is kind of like a more wet autumn (but gets second place in my book).

Spring is also nice for May Day. During spring and autumn is best time for black bloc due to layers. Though I've witnessed cops falling on ice in the winter trying to chase people and losing them, lol.


notanaccout wrote

Summer, I mostly eat in-season food and summer vegetables are the best. The season I like the least is end of winter, before spring


manicatorman wrote

I think that October - December is the best time of the year. So the holiday season I guess.