How would you describe Raddles politics?

Submitted by nbdy in AskRaddle (edited )

Of course I know that anarchist would be one word you could easily use, but within that there is such a broad array of ideas many of which definitely don't apply, so be specific!
There's obviously many unique people on here and no homogeneous belief system but humor me.
Also I know there marxists and whatever here too but since they take up a lot of space elsewhere feel free to ignore that lol



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ziq wrote

hard and crusty on the outside, soft and fruity on the inside


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Broadly anarcho-relevant and anarcho-tolerable


SomeIconoclast wrote

Raddle is most definitely politically nihilist for the most part.

Political nihilism follows the characteristic nihilist's rejection of non-rationalized or non-proven assertions; in this case the necessity of the most fundamental social and political structures, such as government, family, and law.

If I can't use anarchist, then that's the next best thing.


surreal wrote

anarcho-anarchism and meta-anarchism


Pop wrote

trans anarchists and people who haven't figured out that they are trans and are anarchists


__underscore__ wrote

I'm anarchist yet I'm not trans. Should I just leave?


Pop wrote

there's still time for you unmake gender essentialism, and kill all the gender cops in your head, explore and nurture the seeds of gender you've never let yourself plant, and ditch that junk the world decided you were without your permission


__underscore__ wrote (edited )

I like being who am though. I like your message though.


Egocommunist_Anarchism wrote (edited )

What I hate most from this website is its pessimism about future