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kore wrote

i dont know about in the moment, but there have been articles posted here recently about how hard people are working.

heres an example, this person works 5 nights a week and goes to school. im sure you could find plenty of other examples.

so its kind of just like a proof by counterexample i guess, "look how hard these people are working, why are they not better off?"

also a lot of people in developing countries have a work ethic that puts westerners to shame, yet theyre still poor. if people dont believe that they work hard its just racism, plain and simple.

i also think people have a complex about it. its very hard to admit that e.g. immigrants work harder than you because people really want to believe they worked hard and its not just cause theyre white/rich/western/etc.

obviously in every population there will be people that work harder than others, but thats kinda besides the point

when people have mental blocks like that its hard to change their minds

hope this helps.