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mofongo wrote

Nowhere, cellphones are made with planned obsolence in mind to get you to buy another in a couple of years. If you want something that last, get an old Nokia phone or a feature phone (these may not last longer but are at least cheaper to replace).

For the sake of honesty, I got a Motorola Moto E for $100 on Amazon two years ago and it's still rocking, even after many falls and abuses. Battery still last a full day of heavy use, I usually don't fear I will ran out even at 50%. But I wouldn't recomment it now because Amazon/Lenovo starting including lock screen ads in the device which are incredibly annoying, will suck your battery dry on top of the regular spying (I got it before they started this bullshit). If you're willing to get one, its best for you to install LineageOS on it, beware because unlocking the bootloader will void your warranty.

On my part, after my cellphone drops dead, I will go back to a feature phone. I only use as a handy camara, music player, alarm/clock, and browsing. A feature phone provides three of them and I don't really need to be connected on the internet.


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elyersio wrote

Ear buds or on ear


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sudo wrote

These are the only ones that don't hurt my ears. Your ears might be different, though. They're the ones that come with the Sansa Clip mp3 player.


happysmash27 wrote

/r/buyitforlife on Reddit is good for things like this.

After researching it there, I personally chose to get the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x. It has amazing reviews; folds so that the ears don't break off easily in transport; has detachable cables, which means that if those break they can be replaced; and also has a metal headband. It sounds amazing as well; and doesn't have those annoying in-line audio controls which I dislike nor requires any bloated propreitary software either, which makes system continuity so much better! So far, I am personally very satisfied.

It is also pretty easy to build headphones yourself if you have a 3D printer. You can find more info at Instructibles.


MarkVale wrote

there's a reddit sub called something like buy it to last or some shit like that.

if you can't be arsed like me just get studio gear companies' cheap headphones and they'll usually outlast most brands and sound better.


Enkara wrote

I don't think such things are made anymore.