Dealing with rightwing friends/relatives?

Submitted by foggymorn in AskRaddle

I was raised by two literal fascists. They would go on hateful rants about jews, black people, mexicans, etc. A lot of my friends and their families were the same. As soon as I graduated high school, I got the fuck out of there and haven't looked back. What about you? Anyone have to deal with reactionaries in their lives?


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GrimWillow wrote

ugh, too often. I just can't help myself sometimes in public to call them out on their shit.

The last dude I was stuck dealing with for 3 days 24/7 (the nature of some work that I do) was racist as fuck, mysoginist, and thought that rich people were smart people who worked hard while the poor deserved death if they weren't making money. He would go on about how he hates people who steal on one hand, and then say protestors in the Amazon against mining/logging deserve to be shot on another. Holy shit did I need to get away from him, and warn others about his dangerous hate.