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LeftHack wrote

Have you tried SSH tunneling? Set up an SSH server at home device (the guide is for Debian-based distro but other Linux distros should have similar setup). Let's say you have home SSH server as and username as user, your dynamic port forwarding with SSH would be like this:

ssh -D 8080 [email protected]

It's important that you pick the default ports like 22, 21, 443, 80 and 8080 because school firewall often block other ports. If that one didn't work then try out all the default/open ports.

Best thing here is that ssh command can be run on any platform without admin/root access. On Linux you can run in CLI, on Windows if you have access to CMD (make an basic batch file on school's computer desktop and rename to file.bat), or just run portable version of PuTTY. And on Android you can use Termux.

After you run the ssh command, go to your fav browser and setup proxy option, select SOCKS, set host to or localhost, and set port to 8080 or your selected one. Save the setting and try the content you wish to use.

Ah btw, there is a tiny trick that might work, just for fun, some firewalls use host based blocking so let's say you want to go to, you can 'bypass' by adding a dot or two at the end of the domain, like this