What are your thoughts on Russia?

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As someone who deeply cares about LGBTQ rights, I tend to have deep seated resentment towards the Russian government. It's obvious that they have not only mettled with the 2016 US Presidential Election, but have actively push their authoritarian "strong man" propaganda around the world to further far right causes.

They have no respect for the sovereignty of other countries, have used minorities as political scapegoats to gain political power, and tend to silence those whom speak out against them.

Part of me fears that this decade is going to end with Russia becoming a world power, doing all it can to suppress the voices and rights of LGBTQ folk, POC, Women and anyone else they would perceive as a threat to it's own dominion. The other half of me, however, realizes that I'm slowly becoming paranoid from my fear to the point where it's becoming an issue in my public life.

So what I want to ask you all is this:

  1. What are your views on Russia?
  2. Is Russia a real threat to progress in the world?
  3. Am I just paranoid about it all?

Edit: Sorry about the confusion everyone, I was meaning the Russia Government, not it's people. If you are a Russian who felt attacked, then I apologize for the rant and hope you have a good day.

Also, I am aware that the United States can be just as terrible. Although the Russian government terrifies me, that does not make other nations any less guilty.


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untitled wrote

Russia is just another State, with all the problems of a State. They may confront the other "bad guys" (US, etc.), but they are no less a "bad guy". They will do to people what all States do to people....enforce by violence or any other means what they believe is in the best interest of the State.

A good example is Syria. I love that they are killing ISIS fools and throwing a monkey wrench in the plan of the US/Israel/Saudi/etc.....but don't ever believe that this is out of some brotherly love for the Syrian people. It's the interest of the State.

And to be sure, they are already a world power.


KarlMarx wrote

I think it's almost as reactionary as America, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Australia and the UK.


SpiritOfTito wrote

And the Usa basically brought about the collapse of the USSR then funded the drunkard Yeltsin while letting Goldman sachs steer the economy of russia in the 90s.


The result was the russian cross, rampant alcohlism, the median agedropping to a staggering 56, the return of religion as a major power to Russian politics and the absolute economic devastation committed by Goldman sachsown(pushed by the usa) allowed a small clique of oligarchs to own and control the entire country allowing for a strongman like Putin to get elected and the current state of absolute corruption in Russian politics.

Russian cross



  1. A capitalist nation that like its former incarnation isn't really a threat to anyone beyond its bordering neighbours

  2. Its a capitalist nation so of course it is. The biggest threat is the usa though. Heres a poll from around the world where the usa was voted the biggest threat to world peace. Not n korea, not Iran, nor russia or china or pakistan. The usa.


  1. Whilst russia presents a minor threat in some of the areas you mentioned the usa is by far the biggest threat to world peace as voted by most countries on earth, its a far bigger threat in terms of its current neofascism to Poc in the form of the fact its been bombing people for nigh on 70 years straight

emma wrote (edited )



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oodlesofnoodles wrote

Oh don't worry, I am fully aware that the United States can be just as bad.


emma wrote (edited )



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I am trash man

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Carrot wrote

All the Russians I've ever met were brash, rude and arrogant, even moreso than Americans. They think very highly of themselves.


sudo wrote

That's racist. We're talking about the Russian government, not the people.