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AnarchoSpook wrote

I like reading on paper much more, but since I can pirate almost any book I want, using my e-reader is just way more convenient for me


An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

I read on my laptop 95% of the time, almost always pdf. I take notes and highlight in all different colours, and then i rarely ever look it again.


BrowseDuringClass1917 wrote

I read mostly printed, I’m lucky to have a radical bookshop near me so I’m happy to support them even if their prices are a bit higher than average. I’ve also got some good discount books from some of the larger bookstores, I had a 100% off coupon if you can believe it.


mofongo wrote

I prefer books, but space, money and availability make reading digital more viable. I mostly read on my phone.


rot wrote

i read more if i get a print copy but i "own" more pdfs


stoned_chief wrote

Though I prefer a book in hand, I read PDFs on my phone/laptop because of space and MONEY.


Bezotcovschina wrote

Lately, printed only. Not a big deal for me, but my partner is a huge fan of printed books, so we order a couple every so often.


existential1 wrote

Printed books and mobi's on my Kindle. When i get anothee reader it'll be epub.


fopdudel wrote

I prefer printed books, but those are hard to come by unless you either buy them or borrow them from a library. For that reason, I sometimes just read EPUBs which I download from the internet.