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Raico wrote

Wht's so bad privacy-wise about Zoom? I have never used it, so I have no idea what its like.


celebratedrecluse moderator wrote

All data on its network is monitored in real time by the United States Department of Homeland Security, through compliance with a program called FedRAMP. They actually advertise this functionality, because it allows them to contract with government agencies in the United States, which is very lucrative. You can look this up on wikipedia or their website. They have specific encryption backdoors built into the software to allow the monitoring with all encryption dynamically removed.

Additionally, the host of individual calls can see everything on the other participants' computer without their knowledge, active windows, etc. This is because the system is designed for corporate workflow, not anarchist organizing lol

If you observe someone you organize with saying "it's encrypted, don't worry" who is also hosting the calls...they might not have your best interest in mind, just saying.


Raico wrote

Thank you very much! I'll definitely search some more information about all this because it definitely sounds really creepy.


GermyCovid444 wrote

There are also links to the Communist Chinese regime, you could have a zoom meeting in America and be monitored by both US and Chinese overseers.


avbeav wrote

Zoom also used to allow any website to record you through your webcam because of their clever trick with installing a local web server to skip around the browser dialog for audio / video permissions.

That local server was also open for remote code execution and kept running after uninstalling Zoom. Yummy.

If you absolutely must use Zoom then under no circumstances install the client. Zoom works from the browser although they employ a dark pattern to trick you into installing their client. There's a browser extension to work around that though.


Raico wrote

Who would had said Google would seem non-intrusive in comparision.

Thanks for taking the time to explain this, really appreciate it :)


An_Old_Big_Tree wrote (edited )

Hi! Are you Raico aka raicopk?

If so, it's lovely to have you here. There've been a couple nice redditors showing their faces recently.


Raico wrote

Yeah, that's me. I made this account long ago but I completely forgot about it to be honest. Anyways, thank you very much <3