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kano wrote I guess you could also use whatsapp or signal, they both have 2 way video calls anyway.


celebratedrecluse moderator wrote (edited )

whatsapp is proprietary, privacy nightmare for organizers definitely

signal isn't capable of group calls

mumble only does audio.

jitsi is the only one that has everything, is open source, encrypted, no known backdoors. unless there's one I don't know about

Edit: Jami/Ring!!!


stoned_chief wrote

Jitsi has end-to-end encryption? I never used it cause I thought they didn't.


celebratedrecluse wrote

No, it is Encrypted from network to server, server must decrypt in order for the webRTC group call functionality to work.

This is why you host your own server, for example


[deleted] wrote (edited )


avbeav wrote

Had a skeg at Briar. It appears to only work for smartphones, specifically those running Android. As limited as it is, at least Signal has Signal Desktop going for it.


stoned_chief wrote

Signal is super easy to use and available on all platforms. Briar is still experimental and only for Android. It has potential, but it can't yet replace other messengers. Once versions come out for Linux and hopefully iOS and it's eventually audited, Briar could replace something like Signal.


kano wrote

I'm unaware so please any links/ explanations about the spookiness of signal would be helpful thanks. Been making extensive use of that as it seemed to me that they have a solid end to end encryption and definitely compared to whatsapp, a way less intrusive metadata collection.