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sudo wrote

Plastic soap bottle engineering. I don't see how people can live with poorly engineered soap bottles. Some of them require multiple pumps to dispense a usable amount of soap. Others have such tiny openings that the soap comes shooting out into the sink or onto the counter, instead of falling into your hand, so then you've wasted a tiny bit of soap, possibly have to clean off the counter, and have to hold your hand like a shield to catch the soap next time. Plus, for some of the cheaply made soap, it'll harden on the opening, making the opening even smaller, and making it shoot out even faster for the next pump. Then there's the "foaming" soap - I don't want it to come out of the bottle as foam, because that means I can't scrub my hands with it as effectively. The only company that makes a usable soap bottle is Softsoap - I'd honestly use their bottle over some of the posh soap bottles that you can fill up with any type of soap. (Note: I'm not trying to shill for Softsoap - I advocate shoplifting everything you can. It's pretty easy to steal these soap bottles, since they're sqashed on one axis, instead of being round all the way around. Makes it easier to slip into a pocket and walk out with.) And don't get me started on bathroom sinks in rest stops.

For a serious answer, it'd be reducing and reusing waste. People are starting to catch on to the recycle part, but they still don't try to reduce their waste, or reuse old things.


Enkara wrote (edited )

That's very insightful... You know the world is filled with things we've made which are poorly designed that everyone just accepts as part of reality. I think you might like this book: 'The Design of Everyday Things', it's about just that.

EDIT: Also... those fucking public bathroom sinks that supposedly "detect your hand" but actually you have to like... move your hands just right right in front of the sensor to get a little 2 second burst of water... for fucks sake if they want to save water why not just put those pushy valves on those with a reasonable amount of time given to actually wash my hands, and then follow it up with those paper towel dispensers that give you one small piece of paper towel after 4 seconds of waving your hands under the sensor.

Fuck robotics, this is why I don't wash my hands.