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GrimWillow wrote

Gaming. I intend to create Anarchist games (I already have created "Decolonizers of Catan" where the game begins with cities, towns, and roads already all over, and every player works together to remove them for points.) I find that the Anarchist community I am in contact with seems to think I'm coming totally out of left field with this gaming stuff.

I hate most games, but I don't think games or gaming is bad; it is a powerful medium of expression that is being mostly weilded to reproduce toxic cultures. I had to start making radical games when I saw Anarchist children looking for a game to play and getting to choose between "Risk", "Monopoly", or "Life". If you're an adult, maybe you would like to play the terribly problematic and product shilling game of "Cards Against Humanity".

In contrast, there are games like this out there! We need more like it! (I would link to their website, but it is currently down.


squirrels wrote

Whoa, I feel the same way. The wastefulness and toxic culture in the hobby hurts, but gaming itself can be a hugely positive force. Games have been part of humanity for a long time.

We really do need better anarchist games. I like Netrunner and the Resistance, but they don't have quite the same angle as Monopoly.