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Enkara wrote (edited )

Pets are not fucking appliances, they are members of the family, and they deserve to come in or go out as they please, and have a place on the bed <3

Many parents in my part of the world are inconsiderate, rude, entitled pricks who believe that they're doing gods work by having and raising kids and that everyone else should give a shit, praise them, and make sacrifices for them. They also get pets as appliances for their kids to play with and neglect them/throw them away when they are no longer useful. Guess what fuckers the earth is dying and every first world baby you make is of negative value to it.

Now I get to nurse back to health and take care of a deaf and blind old dog who was abandoned in a back yard, getting bit up by fleas and losing all his fur, had an ear fungal infection, had some nails that were coiled over TWICE, and needs fucking 4 walks a day because some shitty excuse for people couple who he was "their baby" decided to stop caring for him because they had 2 human babies. Yeah you don't lock your baby outside in the back yard to die, assholes.


hurricanekaktos wrote

Fucking this. I used to have neighbors who would keep their dogs in the backyard all the time, and they'd bark till three in the goddamn morning. Ask them to take their dogs inside and they say that they're "outside dogs." No they fucking aren't. There's no such thing as an "outside dog." You just don't feel like actually paying attention to these living creatures with complex feelings other than keeping them as decorations or toys for your kids. Why even have a dog if you're just going to keep it in the backyard out of sight 95 percent of the time and piss off your neighbors?