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83843984398 wrote (edited )

George W. Bush.

Everyone who killed civilians with drone strikes should be punished in it and forgiven only if the family of the civilian's victim so decides (or he can pay blood money as an alternative if the family so wishes). Anyone from Daesh who killed a civilian should be held accountable with the same procedures.


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sudo wrote

Those who have not fought on the front lines themselves have no right to command others to.

That's a bad idea. To be a general, you need a good understanding of military strategy. If we choose the most successful soldiers to become generals, they will have a good understanding of tactics, but they probably won't know much about strategy. Plus, they may not even know that much about tactics - they may have just survived because they're lucky. More people will die if you do that.


nishi_jochiro wrote (edited )

Hey Napoleon and many other great leaders throughout history fought on the front lines with their troops! To be a general you need to work your way up the ranks and at some point you should fight on the battlefield.


GrimWillow wrote

What is so great about Napoleon? I dislike vertically organized structures even in a military sense. Who ends up weilding any hierchical structure? Some fucking asshole like Napoleon.

I think we've got to shed ourselves of the authoritarian styles that are susceptable to corruption and embrace a new, respectful, way of fighting, struggling, and defending against the violent circus.