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Enkara wrote (edited )

I am against states having the power to murder people or imprison them.

I feel OK about some theoretical anarchist community killing someone off, or pardoning someone who did it autonomously to someone who needed a killing.


alqm wrote (edited )

I know what you mean. I just worry that the "needed a killing" gets bended/manipulated to achieve an end that benefit someone. Something like that, you get what I mean? Alienation or some smart ass making people's minds.


Enkara wrote

Yeah I get you...

I think some of us fall into the trap of trying to devise a perfect society though, I've thought about it a lot and never came up with a solution I was completely satisfied by.

Of course I think we should strive to build a society where violence/"crime" is as rare as possible, but a lot of times for instance, when anarchists are asked what to do with rapists/murderers/etc the response tends to be some adorable variant of "Oh we'll rehab them, everything will be fine, there will magically be zero violent crime and absolute human justice, teehee!" which I think is kind of unrealistic.

I'm sure that the "needed a killing" defense will get abused and will be imperfect, but I think the alternatives are less desirable.


alqm wrote

The important is to keep thinking. We humans are not meant to stagnate on one thing. We're explorers. We're learners.


nishi_jochiro wrote

In an extreme individualist system like anarchy there will always be crime and murder because everyone is always thinking about themselves and not the collective group. A good example of a society in which (at a day to day level) everyone considers the collective group is modern Japan. There are stories of people visiting japan leaving their $2000 bike on the street in the middle of the city then coming back 6 years later to find their bike exactly where they had left it. When you leave your wallet on the train it is sure to get back to you. The streets are spotless because no one litters. The list goes on but I'm sure you get my point.