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Pop wrote

I wish people would give more content and put more effort into to their questions. A birthday present?

What are you talking about? Where? There are basically no electric vehicles where I live

Are they desirable? Where are they desirable? What makes them desirable? What might be the problems with them at the moment? Aside from the vague sense that fossil fuels are bad, I have nothing in terms of information about this question?

Is it classist to imply that people should have the cash to drop on a new car? Is it racist and sexist by extension?

I must be grumpy today


tapeworm wrote (edited )

I'm grumpy too after reading their ridiculous question.


[deleted] wrote (edited )


sudo wrote

Most people aren't as well off as you, so we don't have the ability to do any better. Participating in civilization means you'll be producing some pollution. Rather than putting the onus of change on individuals, you should be trying to change the system itself to make less pollution.