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tnstaec wrote

I use even cleaner vehicles: my feet and my bicycle.


elyersio wrote

Lucky you: Where I live, there are no bike lanes, so it's a bit risky to take my bike out there. Or so they say: When I take my bike on that road, I can manage to assume that every car is going to run me over and go into the ditch or a driveway whenever a car comes. So I've decided it's worth it to get a rear view mirror and some reflectors for my bike.


Enkara wrote (edited )

I live in a similar place with no bike lanes, many roads without sidewalks, blind hills, and no public transit... and the cars drive like 50-60mph (80-96kph) on these little roads without looking for bicyclists lol.

It suuuuucks...

Edit: Bikes really aren't safe or practical in all places, particularly in the United States that was designed for cars, as much as I'd love it to be.


BlackFlagged wrote (edited )

No and no. On account of I'm not rich.


[deleted] wrote (edited )


Enkara wrote

30k for a fuckin car though?

When I could pick up a decent reliable used car for <4k?


mofongo wrote

For 30k I woldn't have to work for a least a decade, living only on interest.


Defasher wrote (edited )

No, last time I checked you needed to be a privileged yuppie living in a big Western city to buy an electric car.


ConquestOfToast wrote

This might be an unpopular opinion but I don't think it's wise to buy an electric car. The manufacturing that goes into most electric cars is so damaging to the environment that whatever you end up saving by not using gas is far outweighed by production externalities and inefficient recycling of the batteries once they're out of use. You do less environmental damage by buying a used car and continuing to use gas right now. It's not that I don't think electric modes of transportation shouldn't be developed and laxing our dependence on oil is definitely something to work towards, it's just not there yet. But then again there isn't any ethical consumption under capitalism, and maybe in the long run it's worth it to just dissociate from oil as hard and as fast as we can.


zorblax wrote

no, generally I can ride my bike or take the bus anywhere I need to get.

I do have an old truck, and it gets remarkably good mileage, but I have no credit and I certainly can't afford an electric car.


Pop wrote

I wish people would give more content and put more effort into to their questions. A birthday present?

What are you talking about? Where? There are basically no electric vehicles where I live

Are they desirable? Where are they desirable? What makes them desirable? What might be the problems with them at the moment? Aside from the vague sense that fossil fuels are bad, I have nothing in terms of information about this question?

Is it classist to imply that people should have the cash to drop on a new car? Is it racist and sexist by extension?

I must be grumpy today


tapeworm wrote (edited )

I'm grumpy too after reading their ridiculous question.


[deleted] wrote (edited )


sudo wrote

Most people aren't as well off as you, so we don't have the ability to do any better. Participating in civilization means you'll be producing some pollution. Rather than putting the onus of change on individuals, you should be trying to change the system itself to make less pollution.


mikesum32 wrote

I have a regular gasoline-powered car, but hope to get a hybrid next year.


Enkara wrote

When the engine gives out on my current car I plan on doing a conversion, but no not planning to buy a new electric car... there is really no benefit to the environment or my wallet.


sudo wrote

I really wish I could get one, but seeing as I can't afford it, and don't want to go into debt, I won't. If they become affordable for the average worker, and if they put up charging stations everywhere, then I would jump on it.


[deleted] wrote (edited )


sudo wrote

Electric bill, though. Plus, the electricity where I live is generated by a coal power plant, so it's just replacing one form of pollution with another.


drfuzzyballs1996 wrote

I would have a hybrid vehicle, if it were cost effective for the proles like me. But for the time being only the cars made in the last 10 years are hybrids.

AAAnd now that I write this I realize how poor I really am.


happysmash27 wrote

I don't, but when/if I buy a car it will definitelly be electric and powered by renewable energy.


OniLinkPlus wrote

TIL leftists hate the environment. Got it. Fuck Raddle, I'm out. Go ahead and ban me if you want, I ain't coming back.

How about instead of heavily downvoting somebody you don't necessarily agree with, you provide actual reasons and citations for why electric vehicles are bad? Cause right now all this has convinced me of is that Raddle is a bunch of reactionaries who've bought into big oil propaganda about how electric vehicles are terrible.


ziq wrote

People are downvoting her for assuming everyone can afford a brand new luxury car, not because of environmental concerns. No one is as protective of the environment as radical leftists.


theblackcat wrote

If you really care about the environment, stop eating meat. That will actually decrease carbon. Buying a new car will increase your carbon footprint a ton.

Only buy used cars.


[deleted] wrote (edited )


23i wrote (edited )


edit: that isn't a forum yet? shame.


zod wrote

Didn't your parents ever teach you not to flaunt your wealth?