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I was witness to an executive email that talked about our local hospital having admitted two people to the ER on Thur/Fri that tested positive for Covid19. There were details about shutting down the entire ER and cleanup.

48-72 hours later and there is no official word that this occurred. Our governor is from my county and they had this big dog and pony show about how the readiness of our state and the action plan. I read the entire action plan and nothing in the email matched what they said they would do. Currently our state is still reporting no active infections.

What is the best way to make this public and protect myself as much as possible?

I just drove by the emergency room and no one in the ER is wearing an N95 mask.

'##' I do not have direct access to the email but I am working on getting a screen capture or being able to forward it to a proton mail account.



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celebratedrecluse wrote

Get or screengrab the email, including the "details" section which shows the technical info, then send it to yourself. If it's a group email with multiple recipients, make sure there's no identifying info in the data you send and then forward it to every news organization that might want to cover it. If only you received the email...I would just keep quiet tbh.


Waken wrote

History is repeating itself. The media and the state worked together 100 years ago to hide the Spanish Flu until it spread everywhere and killed millions.