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Interesting. I've read Cafard's piece several times at this point. I think it definitely serves as an introduction to Zen for anarchists.

As far as Chaos Magick goes, those practices are always something I have been extremely skeptical of. Perhaps I am just missing the point and reading claims of creating semi-sentient beings and magical weapons too literally. When I read of, for example, Evocation in the book Liber Null, I am reminded of the term Makyo or "ghost cave" which in Zen refers to perceptual distortions during meditation that can be mistaken for seeing true nature. Robert Aiken calls "speaking in tongues," a practice seemingly analogous to something like sigilcraft, "elaborate makyo"

In general the practice of Chaos Magick seems extremely conceptual and often dualistic, which is what Zen seeks to avoid. Again, I know very little about it and it's possible that I'm just projecting my experience with magic in fantasy books and video games. But what do you think about this?


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Okay, thanks. I do want to understand where Chaos Magick is coming from.