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celebratedrecluse wrote (edited )

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other people doing their other things. I'm a materialist, that's how I see the world, other people aren't. No magic in my life so far, I'll believe it when it seems like the most reasonable explanation for something I have primary sources for.

But what I'm more concerned with, with regards to this conversation about spirituality, is the apologia for hierarchy, including theocratic governance and patriarchal sexuality, that seems to associate with actually-existing forms of spirituality. The other poster's comment about this buddhist teacher was a jumping off point. I find this rhetoric and citational ideo-genealogy very opposed to the values of anarchism, particularly when situated in the social context of being exported to european dominated societies. I think to not be critical of this phenomenon is to either ignore or embrace this type of orientalism.


kore wrote (edited )

I apologize for not doing my due diligence when it came to evaluating the character of the person I quoted. Perhaps it was wrong for me to ascribe a quality to him and not just describe him as a teacher. For what it's worth, that teacher, as well as others of perhaps less objectionable behavior (such as Shinryu Suzuki) came to the West with the express purpose of telling Westerners what the fuck Buddhism and Zen were really about as they understood it to combat this orientalist tendency that you mention.

Re: theocratic governance, ideo-genealogy, etc. One teaching of Buddhism is that paying attention to what any authority says is missing the point. This is not to say that so-called "Buddhism" will never become a cult of personality. But in essence were very much anti-ideology, anti-authority. I'll just leave you with a quote from Lin-Chi. (The Three Vehicles and twelve divisions are specific dogma from Buddhism, and the patriarchs are the traditional name for the teachers)

things like the Three Vehicles and the twelve divisions of the scriptural teachings — they’re all so much old toilet paper to wipe away filth. The Buddha is a phantom body, the patriarchs are nothing but old monks... If you seek the Buddha, you’ll be seized by the Buddha devil. If you seek the patriarchs, you’ll be fettered by the patriarch devil. As long as you seek something it can only lead to suffering. Better to do nothing.