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sand wrote

/f/zenarchism has some useful stuff posted, and more is always welcome

i meditate and do some animistic practices i made up. helps me fight/not get caught up in depressive and harmful thought patterns that were established in my past, and has made it a little easier to converse with myself (selves?). no tradition or group. i'm not good about getting my body out where other people are.

i'm recently interested in spells and rituals for entering relation with and possibly requesting aid from relevant gods, but i have a distaste (and entire lack of funds) for practices that require me to spend money for materials. so i haven't found much of use. probably just gonna wing it if i get around to it.

i hope this thread takes off some more. interesting to see what other folks here get into


[deleted] wrote


sand wrote

only if you want to! i see you have already though haha. thanks, i almost always enjoy what i read there. i rarely find things to post but i'll continue keeping an eye out as well