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PoisonDartFrog wrote

Let's see -

  1. Billionaire, inherited everything he has. Lives in a mansion. Has a butler.

  2. Beats the crap out of poor thieves that are just trying to survive.

  3. Works with cops, gives 'criminals' to them so they can be locked up.

  4. Adopts white kids and teaches them to beat up proles, too.

  5. Drives the most expensive sports car in the world.

  6. Flies the most expensive private aircraft in the world.

  7. Has an immediate distrust of Superman for being an immigrant.


[deleted] wrote (edited )


_ziq_ wrote

Direct action to put jewel thieves and bank robbers in prison doesn't really count.


coinphrase wrote

What about the psychopathic murderers that he puts in prison, does that count for anything or is he not good because he doesn't let selfish people that steal from others get a free pass?


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

doesn't let selfish people that steal from others get a free pass

he should try killing billionaire bruce wayne


_ziq_ wrote

And Green Arrow (a communist) really dislikes Batman for obvious reasons.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Pretty sure batman represents a whole bat, not just the right wing.


hentai wrote

Are you kidding? He's fighting against anarchists.


goatman93 wrote

As a lifelong fan of Batman and comics, I'd say that there's definitely quite a bit of proof that both Batman and Bruce Wayne are right-wing, to varying degrees. I will note though that this depends on the writer at play with how much they decide to lay into the fascism. Frank Miller is the extreme side of this spectrum with Batman being a complete fascist in The Dark Knight Returns books along with All Star Batman and Robin, while I'd rank someone like a Paul Dini at the other end.

For Bruce, this is the softer right-wing capitalist at work. He's in the same vein as someone like an Andrew Carnegie as he has a big philanthropic/charitable part of his wealth, but his wealth has been amassed mostly through being a monopoly. The DC universe is full of these large corporate conglomerates (e.g. LexCorp, Wayne Enterprises, Queen Industries) as well, helping their founders and executives a great deal of personal wealth while poverty and crime fester in their respective cities. I'd also like to note that the character of "Bruce Wayne" is the mask that Bruce wears day in and day out, as Batman is his real persona, where his true feelings and motives come out.

For Batman, /user/KarlMarx outlined a good breakdown earlier in the thread here, but in general, Batman has protected private property and institutions nearly exclusively, along with ensuring that everyone in his "family" follow the same marching orders as him (even calling his sidekicks his "soldiers" as he did in the non-canon Dark Knight Returns in reference to Jason Todd and Carrie Kelley), and even attempting to entrap the criminals of Gotham so he would have excuses to arrest them.

In short, all superheroes tend to have fascistic tendencies, which NPR mentioned in a good summary article from last year but Batman tends to be one of the worst offenders of this. That being said, I will be completely honest and say that I'm not going to stop reading these books as I have enjoyed this character for my entire life, but I do try to read the books purely for entertainment rather than as a critical analysis of modern society. At the end of the day, they're just comics and I've enjoyed them since I was a kid. I can still enjoy them as an adult despite my political leanings not matching the contents of the book :)


phantomphreak wrote

I feel like a billionaire superhero is pretty right wing.


zer0crash wrote

Someone ought to make a superhero like Batman, who stalks the night for corporate goons, but poor and lumpen.