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PoisonDartFrog wrote

Let's see -

  1. Billionaire, inherited everything he has. Lives in a mansion. Has a butler.

  2. Beats the crap out of poor thieves that are just trying to survive.

  3. Works with cops, gives 'criminals' to them so they can be locked up.

  4. Adopts white kids and teaches them to beat up proles, too.

  5. Drives the most expensive sports car in the world.

  6. Flies the most expensive private aircraft in the world.

  7. Has an immediate distrust of Superman for being an immigrant.


[deleted] wrote (edited )


_ziq_ wrote

Direct action to put jewel thieves and bank robbers in prison doesn't really count.


coinphrase wrote

What about the psychopathic murderers that he puts in prison, does that count for anything or is he not good because he doesn't let selfish people that steal from others get a free pass?


_ziq_ wrote

And Green Arrow (a communist) really dislikes Batman for obvious reasons.