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Pop wrote

The Trotsky is hilarious if you have even wikipedia-level knowledge of leftism and trotsky


selver wrote

Fox and his Friends. Fassbinder in general really.

I, Daniel Blake.


natrounius wrote

I live in the Northeast and loved I, Daniel Blake. A beautifully depressing/angering movie


jadedctrl wrote (edited )

The True Cost is really good. It's about sweat shops and globalization. It touches some of the worst problems with capitalism without making capitalists unformfortable (great for showing friends and family)-- it only actually presents the need to abolish capitalism in the last half-hour, which is perfect. It lets them actually reflect on their beliefs. It sure did for me, at least.


foggymorn wrote (edited )

Dystopian sci-fi movies are pretty good at showing where capitalism is leading us. Like Gattaca and Elysium.


emmaloldman wrote

Adam Curtis’ four part docu-series The Century of the Self is required viewing imo. His film Hypernormalisation is also good. And one I’ve recently discovered is a kinda post-situationist film, Call It Sleep. The latter two focus more on “the spectacle” but certainly provide an anti-capitalist critique.

I’m sure there are more but those come to mind first heh. I’ll add to this thread if anything comes up.


surreal wrote

Zeitgeist Addendum if you can stand all the capitalist economic bullshit, it goes pretty deep.


surreal wrote (edited )

i'm pretty sure ppl downvoting haven't even watched the documentary, they just freak out on the word 'Zeitgeist', too bad cause it's one of the most detailed docs outlining exactly all the economic BS.