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TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote (edited )

Anprims/anticiv/postciv (at least the ones i found interesting) kinda define "technology" as all the processes that we need to access computery things. Like, technology doesnt exist in a vaccume, it gets its existance thanks to work specialisation and the secession of different jobs and skills (from building the huge machines that get ressources out of the mines, to quantum phisics that explain how a chip works).

The grinding of the vast machine that is current society got us to where we are now, and all that huge amount of complexity is considered as bad (oppressive?) by anprims. Even if you dissagree with anprims they have legitimate arguments behind theire critiques of technology, and anticiv/postciv turn anprim critiques of current society into really cool stuff.

I cant find the text I wanted, but after skimming, this is close enought to what I meant if you want a more "in depths" read. If I find the other one I'll post it underneath.

Is it a torrent?

50gb uncompressed, only text, more info here. with images it goes up to 200gb I think. You can put wikipedia in a thumb drive, life is fuckin awesome