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jadedctrl wrote

Automation means "less jobs" and thus more workers starving under capitalism-- under socialism, though, I mean, it could be used to lessen the load on workers while increasing their standard of living, perhaps.
I believe that a planned economy must be calculated to be any sort of success, outside of smaller economies. I.E., the people demand x type of product. The technicians program the computer to caculate what resources, where, when, and how much labour would go into that, and how it would effect the overall economy. By treating the economy like a matrix, desired output could retroactively be used to calculate how many resources and man-hours should go where.
It would go hand-in-hand with supply and demand (for consumer products on a market using labour vouchers). Let's say people buy only half of what was expected-- then the desired output would be cut in half. The computer would adjust, and recalculate the economy on-the-fly.