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LostYonder wrote

Given capitalism has many roots across different histories and very distinct geographies, i don't think removing one person from history would have any impact on its emergence - except of course Eve or Adam!


sudo wrote

I doubt you could remove only one person from history to accomplish this. That is an idealist viewpoint - people are shaped by their surroundings, not the other way around.


hentai wrote

Adam Smith


jadedctrl wrote

It's not like he invented capitalism or anything, he just made some influential observations. If he didn't, surely someone else would have made them.


anarchistica wrote

Probably Michiel de Ruyter. Without their foremost admiral the Republic would've possible been conquered by the French-English-German alliance. Mercantilist France would have beaten the foremost capitalists. Willem III wouldn't have conquered England and bankers and stockbrokers wouldn't have moved en masse to London. Without Willem III and the Republic, France may have won the War of Spanish Succession too.