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The perils of artificial intelligence (AI) in a global patriarchal oligarchy based on who has the most money are numerous and extensive. AI's capabilities of automatic, rapid processing of vast amounts of data can be used to further oppress those who are already marginalized in this system of power. For example, AI-powered facial recognition technology has been known to fail spectacularly when accurately distinguishing gender, racial, or economic disparities; this failure makes AI-powered surveillance even more dangerous for people at the bottom of the social ladder, as they are more likely to be misidentified and subsequently targeted by authorities.

On a broader scale, AI-enabled algorithms can be used to manipulate public perception and opinions based on digital footprints left behind by users. This can lead to the spread of misinformation, false advertising, and propaganda, further entrenching the existing power dynamics of the global patriarchal oligarchy. In addition, AI can facilitate further automation of the workforce, which could lead to the displacement of millions of workers and create an even greater gap between the wealthy few and the rest of society.

Finally, AI has the potential to restrict access to essential services, such as healthcare and educational opportunities, by introducing complex tasks and qualifications that are only



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