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Tequila_Wolf OP wrote

Seriously though, anybody got some tactics?


monday wrote

I would bet on hacking

But at some inevitable pout AI will evolve to be something akin to beings with "personhood" or whatever

There was a post here about how someone tricked the AI into giving some of it's internal directives or something, so maybe Asimov's Robopsychology is not so scifi at all


ArmyOfOne wrote (edited )

Dunno if this is what you're referring to, but the 3 Laws of Robotics have not been applied yet, as far as drones are being built and used to harm and kill humans. Neither Microsoft or the MIT dorks got a reason to care about it, as for them AI and drone development only means more profits/career advancements.

Perhaps these very brilliant techies will need some major slaughter or nightmare situation for them to get a grip on reality.


monday wrote

It was indeed reference to Asimov's robotics but I don't think there ever will be something reassembling the 3 laws and I agree with you, the current situation prevents anything similar to it to be implemented.

But I believe that for language models you can somehow trick them as they did to microsoft one, but with time this will be obsolete too I guess..


ChaosAnarchy wrote

I mean such thing needs a lot of computers apparently. It's not by chance just a central server at some place, right? If the company employee by accident spread a fire, it's gone, isn't it?


stagn wrote

The most important servers are in super-secure bunkers behind a thousand various security systems including sophisticated anti-fire systems. Assuming an employee manages to disable the security systems and manages to destroy the servers, it would cause a lot of damage, but there would be several backups in even more secure places.


ArmyOfOne wrote (edited )

It's debatable, but I think water is more powerful than fire. Water... or lack thereof.

Still nothing was found to be as cheap and ubiquitous as water to keep some crucial components cool enough for these machines to work. Quantum computers are even worse, as they require to freeze the processors in order to operate at quantum scale.

As long as they aren't insane enough to create a self-contained, 100% autonomous supercomputer like in the film Colossus, the Forbyn Project, then there's always possibility to just unplug the damn machine.


moonlune wrote

There might be some stuff thought up by the anti-smartphone crowd but I feel like it's more of a personal stance than a political one.