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Many of us while being critical and opposed, unfortunately for practical reasons have now accepted using smartphones and the internet with all the problems and contradictions. From the looks of it , the next step *of technological development" will be intelligence-powered chatbots, they could become "exential" just like so many technologies we are already addicted to (smartphones, internet, social) at the expense of our freedom, but these times the implications could be even more catastrophic.

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Fool wrote

I tend to avoid all forms of intelligence.



fortmis wrote

Both stances are too dogmatic for me. In my experience, I'm too curious not to try out new tech, but each advancement seems to push my focus farther into the past -- seeing what social media has become makes me want to write letters, online banking makes me want to use cash, movie streaming platforms make me want to go to the cinema.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I wonder at what point on these anonymised forums we will have no basis to tell whether we know there is a person on the other end without de-anonymising.


Bezotcovschina wrote

I successfully avoided using smartphones up until last september, I think I can avoid chatbot-powered for a while. Can't see right now how it can become a necessity any time in foreseeable future. Or I'm too nearsighted


Fool wrote

Where I've seen it taken (in fiction) is basically people start integrating their life into the AI, such that it's able to plan things in advance which they'll need.

Beyond the "I can do without this" - the problem becomes that society integrates this such that there becomes no way to interact without coming in contact the AI - your AI powered app needs to integrate with the doctor's AI powered app in order to make a booking.


ruinsociety wrote

I'm going to avoid as long as possible.


Majrelende wrote

I may do so if I'm very stuck on a plant identification, but I prefer opening my tome and looking through the dichotomous keys. Imagine relaxing activities like that just going away--what a stressful existence! It seems like for many conveniences, what they take away is time, and at the same time, what they add is stress.


veuzi wrote (edited )

I wish I had ChatGPT when I was in school. Would 100% use it to cheat for as long as I could get away with it.


stagn OP wrote (edited )

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stagn OP wrote

As dangerous, evil, tyrannical,...... as they are, we cannot deprive ourselves of such a useful tool


fortmis wrote

this sounds satirical, but I fear it is not???


capitan wrote

I tried to use it to check it out. Was curious. Apparently I need to make an account with one of those trillion dollar tech giants. No thx.


stagn OP wrote

There is some bot on telegram that allows you to use chatgpt.
Of course telegram is not the best for anonymity,
but maybe there is a way to avoid tracking like using an untracked phone number but I can't tell you more about it