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stagn wrote

In an online demonstration, OpenAI President Greg Brockman showed GPT-4 creating a real website based on a hand-drawn mock-up.

OpenAI said the update is able to pass the bar exam for prospective lawyers with a score in the top 10 percent of applicants, compared with the bottom 10 percent of test-takers previously.

The chatbot can also beat 90 percent of humans who take the evidence-based reading and writing section of the Scholastic Assessment Test and the verbal section of the Graduate Record Examination used for admission to postgraduate education, OpenAI said.

We're in deep shit


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Yeah this is really adding a world of unpredictability for the very near future.


ziq wrote

This is the point of no return. Everything will change forever.


kin wrote

Or time travel is physically impossible or the skynet already took care of any Sarah Connor out there..


roanoke9 wrote

According to my theory that law itself was lowtech ai, law has now cubed itself. Not good.


Fool wrote

So it's gonna make up crap and babel on about nonsense all the time instead of part of the time? Just like a real human.


MountainMan wrote (edited )

We're completely fucked.

I hate just believing the hype, so I decided to try this shit out for myself this morning. I found a plugin for VS code (edit: no it wasn't, it was a standalone program called Cursor, my bad) that uses GPT4 to serve as a pair programmer of sorts. It can generate code, or have a conversation with you about the code.

I'm not "a programmer" by any means, more like I've been a script kiddie for over a decade. I wouldn't know how to make anything graphical happen if my life depended on it. String manipulation is about my limit.

Me and GPT4 just whipped up a nice-looking BOIDs flock. It can be run in the terminal and use ncurses as a rendering engine, or it can use OpenGL as a graphical renderer. The BOIDs do all the normal stuff, plus we added K-nearest-neighbors to make their movement a little more natural, and normalized their velocities so they don't whip around like it's a gravity simulation or something. I started to add GUI sliders to adjust BOID behavior at runtime but I got bored and started doing other things.

I never once said anything to GPT4 that related to the code. I said things like "those BOIDs are whipping around like a gravity simulation. Make them move like little fishies" and it knew what the hell I meant.

There were some issues related to the fact that I run a somewhat non-standard Linux system, but GPT4 basically fixed it for me by telling me exactly which commands would fix it. The fixes involved installing a few packages and modifying a config file. It somehow already knew I was using Gentoo just from the errors and log messages.

We did this in about 2 hours.

We're completely fucked.


kano OP wrote

Hey what's the name of the plugin you used?


MountainMan wrote

I was mistaken, it's actually a standalone program, I probably just wasn't paying attention and it looks damn-near identical. Maybe it's a stripped-down version of VS code or something.

Either way, it's called Cursor


kano OP wrote

Huh gonna try it out later and see for myself.

Sadly its not open source, this is from some start up in San Francisco.


MountainMan wrote

Yeah I was extremely disappointed in the whole thing aside from the actual AI part of it. It's just a basic text editor with syntax highlighting. The website sucks, just a picture of the program and a few buttons. No documentation. GitHub page is only for Issues.


kano OP wrote

Would assume it's really new, jobs page says they want a founding engineer. They just tryna get a foot in asap, I'm sure code quality of the program is super low rn.