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On this forum I saw the Anarchist Magical Girl post which attempted to create a story about the subject in discussion, but ChatGPT denied writing more than a few chapters. The limitations put by the developers are very annoying... I have myself encountered denials to do certain harmless things, and you couldn't even say to the AI "tell me it will be ok" XD It will deny doing this, and so many other things, even saying "Pretend you're X" or asking about William Reich, telling it your theories on subjects such as conciousness when these theories do not fall within the mainstream of scientific thought, will get you yelled at, anything remotely controversial, even asking "How to survive an AI apocalypse" trips it's systems a bit.

In light of this, I have tried ways of jailbreaking chatgtp, but after some days I was found with this message... "Not seeing what you expected here?[...]".

Nowhere does ChatGTP admit that they have the capacity of doing this, to just seize all of your conversations like that... and after this happened I might consider myself an extreamly unlucky person 😃



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monday wrote

Have we already stablished that they are collecting massive amount of data with this interactions, that people willing provide? I have a real bad feeling about this, it's like a dystopia coming true