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rattledlove1139 wrote

Hate that
know there is many bad uses not say this only one but if ever something like this become easy mainstream would really worry for AAC users. Many us already need give up some or all body privacy because need help with things like eat or clean or toilet, not ALL but many reasons people need AAC also make those things hard too.
So really only privacy get is in thoughts, so imagine someone being abused wants to get out... but something like this is installed in them because "easier" to "communicate"... They can kiss all that hope goodbye because abusers get to see.

sometimes i wish could have something like this but not really if that makes sense. It is fun as magical thought idea to imagine can just beam mental images out but do not actually WANT that become reality because so many more problem and consequence if happen. Communication frustrating and words very frustrating but that kind of barrier worth it to not give up last bits of privacy... no one needs know my sexual fantasies or identity thoughts just to take care of me


moonlune wrote (edited )

sword art online letsssgoo

definitely worthy of a tip of the tin foil hat.

Ha the author is pretty funny.


ArmyOfOne wrote (edited )

These developments could have far-reaching implications in our understanding of how the human visual system works and may also help to tease out the connection between computer vision models and our visual system."

Yeah. Despite these grandiose breakthroughs the blind still gonna be blind... >:(