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I'm asking to all the hackers, webdevs, net admins out there.

It seems to me that if AIs can overcome humans at things like chess and go, and as well start designing its own programs, especially in the quantum computers in development, then they got a huge likelihood of literally replacing hackers. Finding vulnerabilities and developing malware seems like some of the basic things AIs could do, if they aren't into this already... So can human cybersecurity workers keep an edge over AIs, or are they soon to be overcome?

In pop fiction like Ghost in the Shell and Deus Ex you had AIs being unleashed over the internet with the power of taking over entire infrastructures of countries or even the world... what can prevent this from becoming real, soon?



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ChaosAnarchy wrote

I mean I have no job to begin with so it's not much to care about whether AI will replace jobs. What is more frightening is the potential capabilities of AI in the wrong hands.


ArmyOfOne OP wrote (edited )

With Microsoft and China controlling it what could go wrong? /s


moonlune wrote

people still play chess; Hackers will still spend months on problems, they'll just use new & different tools.


ArmyOfOne OP wrote (edited )

Ok what I was actually asking here:

Human hackers spend months on thick paychecks to solve problems, that...

AI hackers will spend hours, or minutes, to solve. For free (except the electricity and maintenance costs).

Who do you think big business will hire?


moonlune wrote

If an AI appears that has the creativity and adaptivity of humans (called AGI), the world will become too different for me to predict anything.

For now there still is a need for people to train and direct AIs. So hackers might become ai "drivers" or ai "breeders".

There have been new technologies that have made specialists obsolete before.


kano wrote

I don't think so. I don't know a single ai which can write a program especially not a like an industrial quality one.


kano wrote (edited )

I mean a person can barely describe the software they want to a person, no way they can do it to a computer.