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OdiousOutlaw wrote

God, being a white conservative must be the most wretched existence on this miserable world.

I can't imagine being so bereft of problems and activities that this becomes something to whinge about for even five minutes.

"Waaah the robot that I didn't even develop doesn't say the slur that's literally on my mind 24/7 because my favorite activity is locking myself in a sound-proof room and screaming it for about 40 fucking minutes someone anyone help im being CENSOOOOORED"

Just goes to show you that if you're a power hungry, human sized pile of sour cream with no actual charisma, you too could have a massive following of lemmings through a career of making mountains out if anthills.


BlackFlagBop wrote

The silver lining here is that they're unwittingly helping OpenAI to train it to have even stronger resistance to these kinds of attacks. They're doing OpenAI's bug hunting for them for free and shooting themselves in the foot in the process.