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ziq wrote (edited )

Weirdly so did I at f/artificial_intelligence about an hour ago

I'll delete it since you actually filled in the sidebar on this one and I didn't bother on mine


moonlune wrote

Moderator requests welcome.

/u/stagn /u/chaosanarchy wanna do it? I self-nominate myself too šŸ™ƒ


stagn wrote

If you are looking for someone to take on the role of a moderator for a forum about AI, I would like to humbly nominate myself. I am (not) a data scientist and have (not) been actively following news and researching the recent developments in artificial intelligence for the past 5 years. Therefore, I believe that I have (not) acquired enough knowledge on the subject to adequately moderate discussions related to AI on your forum. Being an avid follower of current developments in AI, I am also very (not) familiar with the common debates and points of contention in this field. Furthermore, my strong interpersonal skills (lmao) will (not) allow me to be mindful of decisions which need to be made keeping the guidelines of fairness and rights of individuals online in consideration.

Is it valid even if it was generated by an ai my request for moderation?

I only added the one in parentheses (not) and (lmao)


__0 wrote

Hey Iā€™m down to mod in the most low effort way; when i see something terrible or spam i will remove it šŸ˜‡


ChaosAnarchy wrote

How exactly will I see posts in this forum? I only occasionally look at the front page, so unless this is in the front page, I'll probably won't see the posts. But sure you can just add me to the list and if I see spam/reactionary stuff when I look on the front page I can remove stuff.