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hasbrochem wrote

you really have no idea what this site is about do you?

come on, tell me about your euro leftism. how cool it is. how after demos against the afd you lick the boots of the pigs. how you keep things civil. you're totes cool with mild racism, misogyny, and transphobia. come on. tell me what I'm not missing.

the above ground leftist scene is europe is tame as fuck, especially in germany (well, at least since they had the freikorps murder rosa and karl, yay german leftists!). that's something you shouldn't be proud of. yet, here you are. a bigoted racist, classist, ableist asshole who can't see beyond their own coolness.

I know, I know, proving your point. go on, use some more ableist language to make yourself feel like a bigger and better person.


bredvinner OP wrote

Wow, you really are a case study. This is psychotic.

You would never survive in the European left, deriding indigenous Americans and defending Salvini, on any level.

No one would have anything to do with you.

The rest is just babble. Really interesting babble, but more revealing than anything else. As I said, shame on you.

You're practically a plant. But I suspect you're just stupid.


hasbrochem wrote

trying to hide your racism and classism behind a "criticism of salvini" when it's an attack of what you said, regardless of the context

a typically masculine, albeit gangsta sort of way. You might as well call it ‘bro’ politics, to use hip-hop vernacular

this is nothing but racist and classist. fuck off with your brocialism. shame on you.

just so we're clear: all politicians can fucking burn as they're part of the problem and uphold the system of hierarchy, oppression, patriarchy, and on and on. so fuck you and your polite politics. I think you got lost on your way to whatever shitty junket and found yourself here thinking this is a place for "polite" politics. salvini can fucking die with the rest of them.

again, fuck off.

shame on you for being a piece of shit upholding patriarchy, misogyny, transphobia, xenophobia, sexism, fascism, and everything else the government stands for. shame on you.