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Pop wrote (edited )

Trying to figure out why people are downvoting this.

the rape metaphor of 'fascist fucker', though ambiguated, is trouble

maybe the 'showing off' element stinks of machismo, at the same time, it seems kindof impotent? I dunno

otherwise - people don't like guns? possibly that too, i think that's an american thing?


ziq wrote

Because their post history reads like a fash troll trying to sound like a leftist.


[deleted] wrote (edited )


DonaldTrump45 wrote (edited )

Edgy. One gun one flag and one brain that's been removed. The right doesn't stand a chance.


ziq wrote

You lot have nukes, not much point in bringing guns to a nuke fight.


ziq wrote

Did you have a nice nap, little guy?