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r/the_donald users couldn't be more transparent about their intentions:

Day of the trope: White nationalist memes thrive on Reddit's r/The_Donald

Here's an example of one of the frequent calls to violence by reddit's white supremacists:


(And by communist, they mean anyone to the left of them - so basically everyone)

This unfettered celebration of murdering "communists", liberals and minorities of course has contributed to countless atrocities committed by very-online white supremacists.

Here are some of those murderers:

Lane Davis:

You can see he was very active on r/the_donald:

He killed his father because the conspiracy theories pushed on reddit and youtube convinced him all liberals are evil

James Alex Fields, Jr:

The All Lives Splatter meme propagated by the_donald and other reddit hate subs

r/The_Donald mods stickied the thread promoting the white supremacist rally where the Charlottesville attack happened

Fields is now asking for mercy after driving his car into a crowd of counter-protestors and killing Heather Heyer:

Brendon Tarrant

Killed 50 people at 2 NZ mosques

r/the_donald spreading his "Great replacement" manifesto:

Redditors celebrating the attack:

"Should have stayed in shithole country and not provoked the white man"

"Saint Tarrant"

"Hang New Zealand's Prime Minister for being an Islamist sympathiser"

Blaming muslims for being murdered:

"It highlights the fear of the increased Muslim presence"

Endless 'great replacement' warnings flood r/the_donald:

The media calls out reddit's management, nothing happens:

Reddit is allowing a major Trump-supporting community to flourish despite members defending the New Zealand mosque shooter

Anti-Muslim Hate Has Been Rampant on Reddit Since the New Zealand Shooting and the platform doesn't seem to care

NZ calls for ban on violent fascist propaganda, r/TD responds as you'd expect:

New Zealand Broadcasts Muslim Call To Prayer, r/TD outrage follows:

The international solidarity with NZ after the atrocity of course upsets r/TD:

Dylann Roof:

Dylann Storm Roof, white supremacist and mass murderer convicted for perpetrating the Charleston church shooting, killing 9 people

r/TD: Dylann Roof murdered people for being black. This means we need to do something about Islam and refugees.

"Dylann is a hero. Statistical analysis to prove blacks are a threat to everyone around them. here it is. definitive proof that dylann roof was acting in self defense"

"statistically there was an 8% chance that those niggers were already convicted criminals so I'd say it was good cost benefit analysis on dylann's part"

Reddit is overjoyed to discover Dylann Roof has a racist sister. "we are supposed to treat feral monkeys as equals and are expected to live amongst them without complaint when everyone knows it is ultimately impossible."

Robert Gregory Bowers

Pittsburgh synagogue attack worst on worshiping Jews in U.S. history

Reddit celebrates

r/The_Donald pushing the exact same conspiracy theory the Pittsburgh shooter was motivated by.

"this particular synagogue seemed to be targeted because of its support for the 'Hebrew immigration aid society'...which is an organization that I honestly think could be fairly considered an enemy to the USA, and dedicated to the dispossession and destruction of white americans. jews in general absolutely have a right to exist...but this attack was not targeting jews at was targeting specific jews...and it was not really unprovoked."

Comments about killing PoC have long been a reddit mainstay, so it's not hard to see how so many angry white men soak up the constant stream of fascist propaganda and then act on it:

My mission is simple: remove kebab. We can not rest until every last muslim has been wiped off the face of this earth. Make no mistake, if we don't kill them, they'll kill us. There's no reforming islam, there's no negotiating with islam, and there's no peace with islam. We are at war.



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