Advice on removing political election posters?

Submitted by lamhchle in Antifa

Hello Raddle, a far right nazi party has put up election posters for an upcoming election. The posters are made of corrugated plastic, and tied to poles with zipties (White ones and black ones if that makes a difference). I want to remove them with some friends, however this is the first time we've done this and I was wondering if anyone with more experience would be able to lend some advice that might not be obvious when someone thinks of doing this. I know it might seem a bit ridiculous to prepare this much, but I am an over-preparer.

Things I've thought about so far.

  • Wear all black (and gloves of course)
  • Use a good set of used cutters to to cut the zipties.
  • Store posters in bag between cutting them down.
  • Cut the posters up with a stanley knife for disposal.
  • Dispose of posters in trash where they belong

Any advice on this would be very appreciated.


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Tequila_Wolf wrote

There was this post by u/Sto a few days ago; I pinged them in case they have something to say.

Instead of removing them, one option is to deface or paste over them. Cutting them off sounds quicker, but storing them in a bag as you run around sounds very incriminating, especially since I assume they are large.

Wearing all black isn't necessarily useful - sometimes it will make you look suspicious.


rot wrote

this. try to look as normal as possible but don't let anyone see what you're doing, if possible work at night


Sto wrote

Just have one person doing the cutting (probably the tallest person is best). Having the other friends looking out for authorities and nazis is a good idea. Depending on how far up the poles the posters are, you may need something to stand on. Rather have it be something you can ditch if you need to run.

Having a general sense ahead of time where you will escape to is a good idea. If you might get followed by a cop or security in a car, picking a spot to run through that a car cannot move through is good.

Decide for yourself ahead of time whether you will go down for your friends if the cops catch you.
This is important in the case that among you there will be different punishments for being caught. If one of you is an immigrant, for example, they might risk deportation by participating and its on the others to make sure that they get away.
With this in mind, if you end up being followed or chased, you can decide whether splitting up is a good idea.

As Tequila_Wolf said, running around with a bunch of nazi election posters is incriminating. I think it makes more sense to destroy or deface them on the spot. I am not sure how strong this corrugated plastic is, but maybe taking a nice stanley knife to it and leaving it in pieces on the floor would work.

If you want to be overprepared, having a lawyer's phone number written on your arm is another thing you can do.