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aiwendil wrote

I find it hillarious that they are complaining about a registrar censoring free speech, but then they go to raddit's registrar and complain about speech. They don't care about free speech, they care about their speech. There is a big difference, because free speech would be universal. If they cared about free speech like they say they do, they would have to support dissenting opinions equally, which is obviously not the case.

I personally believe in free speech in the sense that you should be able to say anything you want without being cracked down on as an individual, but I don't believe there is inherent to that any right to a platform for said speech. No website or registrar should be forced to host your beliefs if they disagree with them. No search engine should be required to index you, no newspaper compelled to publish you, and no city forced to host your events. I believe in the right to peaceably assemble, but peaceably means without the intent of fomenting a fascist revolution inherently, because fascism is not peaceful.

These thoughts by our founding fathers were maybe intentionally left as vague, because a lot of them didn't actually believe in these rights. These are the ideas of a liberal democracy and contradict with their own ownership of slaves and their whole manifest destiny doctrine. I would personally make a whole lot of changes to the US constitution, but if it hadn't been eroded away by the courts over the years, it would be a pretty good document(2/3 compromise aside, because that was the worst form of gerrymandering I think this country has ever seen, although we have a modern equivalent in counting prisoners that are not allowed to vote in census data, so maybe nothing has changed substantially since then).

I do think we need to have a larger debate in the public sphere about what free speech is and isn't and it may be worth while to rewrite a constitution document that is more specific in that regard. I'm not sure we could get a country as large as the US to agree on any such changes, but that doesn't mean it isn't a worth while endeavor. John Locke was largely plagiarized in the Declaration of Independence. So the ideas you write, may influence the world in 10's 100's or as is the case with Greek philosophers, 1000's of years from now.


tnstaec wrote

Nothing warms my heart like watching reactionaries fight amongst themselves.