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aiwendil wrote

I have complicated beliefs about doxxing. I think it is easy to justify doxxing an adversary and easy to condemn doxxing a comrade. Yet knowing this bias, I still feel totally okay with any type of White Supremacist being doxxed and furthermore threatened, because they spend their lives doxxing and threatening other people with little consequence in regards to the law. I don't think doxxing should be the end either, it is just the beginning of information gathering and keeping tabs on groups that have shown themselves to be a threat to the peaceful existence of anybody in a group they don't like, which is more people than it isn't. If we know who they are, we can anticipate and adapt to their future moves. It is already criminal to stalk, harass and threaten people in most jurisdictions I am aware of. So doxxing for the purpose of doing those things should be illegal. So really what people do with that information is what is problematic. If you are taking that information and threatening to kill somebody who is not advocating murder themselves(I say this because Nazi's are inherently okay with the idea of putting Jews in ovens and thus need to be treated as an existential threat consistently. I would say that a person actually has no right to that opinion as holding that opinion infringes on another person's right to live peacefully. I would balance the right to live peacefully over the right to free expression of beliefs any day of the week). I think if that information is used to monitor people, to create hostile environments for them(combating their ability to spread their beliefs), gets them fired, makes their family shun them, etc, I think that is totally ethical and morally upright. I try to frame it this way to liberal people all the time who seem more concerned with supporting the rights of racist terrorists than they do the simple right to exist of marginalized people. Sometimes they get it, most of the time they don't.


BlackFlagged wrote (edited )

This is my code:

Are they a nazi?

Yes--- doxx

No--- are they a racist, misogynist, homophobe or pedo?

--------Yes-- doxx

--------No-- don't doxx


you_useful_idiot wrote (edited )

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jadedctrl wrote

Here's mine:

Do I want Nazis to gain prominence and power?

  • No-- Dox
  • Yes-- Don't dox

Inaction is a form of helping the enemy.


Defasher wrote

Nazis want to kill all non nazis. That's reason enough to shut them down using whatever means you have.


you_useful_idiot wrote (edited )

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Defasher wrote (edited )

What do you think happened in WW2 when they tried to purge Europe of anyone that wasn't them?