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Emeryael wrote

I know Jesus advocated "Turn the Other Cheek" and generally, I support that, feel violence should be resorted to when all other measures have been exhausted or when it comes down to either violence or being responsible for an even greater sin. Even Gandhi basically once said that if your ever in a situation where your only choices are violence or cowardice, choose violence. Both are sins, but cowardice is the far greater one.

That's about my view. Not all sins are equivalent and again, often in life it comes down to the least-bad solution to a bad problem, or in other words, sometimes you must commit a sin in order to prevent an even greater one. Heck Jesus did say something similar in Mark 2:27 where he said that the Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath, which has its basis in Jewish law. A good Jew should strive to follow the Law, but as always, human life matters more than the law. So if your pregnant wife goes into labor on the Sabbath, even the most Orthodox of Rabbis would say that you're off the hook if you decide to break the Sabbath and drive her to a hospital.

I did like this quote from the link:

In a world that produces enough food to feed each and every one of us, starvation is violence. In a society where vacant houses outnumber homeless people six to one, homelessness is violence. A country in which health insurance companies rake in billions in profits while leaving nearly thirty million people uninsured and unable to access medical care is a violent society.

This is the everyday violence of capitalism – if it is profitable to let somebody die, or languish in abject poverty, we do so. That is a violent society.

That's an accurate summation of how effed up our culture is. Advocating and legislating policies that lead to the maiming, enslavement, and deaths of innocent people overseas, in no way, qualifies as an act of violence. Letting your own citizens die from easily preventable circumstances, in no way, qualifies as an act of violence. Yet God forbid someone on the Left breaks a window. :eyeroll:


Defasher wrote

Jesus would fucking hate nazis. He'd probably do more than just punch the fuckers. The best thing he ever did was violently attack the money lenders.


you_useful_idiot wrote (edited )


"But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also." ~ Matthew 5:39