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Mango wrote

Always get armed at rallies, things can get dirty. Fash are starting to realize that ramming their Dodge at us, or shanking us, is perfectly legal for them and pigs won't do shit until somebody die. I'm not just talking about gun-toting. Many countries have loopholes in their laws that allow knife carrying, mace or baton in substitution of strict gun law.

For example, Australia banned guns but let you carry knives as self-defense. UK ban both guns and knives, however there is no known law on stopping you carrying stick, flag pole or pipe, which can be masqueraded as tools. Canada ban open gun carry, however you can carry knives as tool.

The best example is probably anarchists in Athens. Greek laws ban weapon carrying of any kind, however anarchists carry sturdy flag poles and pipes at their every defensive rallies or riots, even have their own frontline fighters protecting the main bloc. Or just be the Zengakuren anarchists in Japan said fuck-all and charged at riot piglets with wooden logs and metal pipes.

If all else fail, go ahead and say fuck the laws, arm yourselves anyway. Better be safe than sorry. You're going to be arrested anyway for showing up, so why follow the laws.