One month after controversial adult-content purge, far-right pages are thriving on Tumblr

Submitted by this_one in Antifa

“This subtle far-right creep echoes a 2017 study by the Institute of Strategic Dialogue which warned that the far-right had become extremely adapt at using internet platforms to normalize their ideas. “The weaponisation of internet culture is deliberately used by extreme-right influencers to bring about attitude and behavioural change, in particular among the younger generations,” the report warned.

This sort of normalization of white nationalist talking points was what tech companies were supposedly shocked by — and promised to stop — in the wake of Charlottesville, as they provided an easy way of “red-pilling,” or radicalizing and recruiting, new members, most of whom are young, white, disaffected men.

“Using ironic memes and terms that don’t mean anything to our enemies but normies find funny and actually lead people to develop a race-based political consciousness is what it is all about,” one 4chan poster explained in the aftermath of Charlottesville.

In this regard, the prevalence of far-right content on Tumblr is especially disturbing, as it provides as aesthetically pleasing way to subtly insert white nationalist ideas into the heads of potential recruits.”


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