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bryl OP wrote

This article is a few month old, so I apologize if it has been posted already (is there a search function here on Raddle?). Anyway, I just came across this in my own research and I was previously unaware of it.


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bryl OP wrote

As far as I understand it, the term "eco-fascism" in the past has been used as a perforative term by climate-change deniers against environmentalists, but in this usage the operative term is the "fascist" part. That, of course, is the thing to focus on.

Damn fascists. First they stole the swastika, then they stole Matt Furey's Pepe and now environmentalism. Go figure.

But seriously, another thing that seems significant to me in my research is that this strain is particularly inclined to violence, or at least that's how they present themselves in social media. If anyone else has some input I'd love to hear it. This is my current research topic.