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Move wrote (edited )

Hedges is so spot on when it comes to abstract analysis of what drives people, movements, and especially resistance. But then when it comes to being a driving force in society, in movements, and resistance, he continues to side with the moderates and liberals. I get the feeling that he offers up unsolicited and ambiguous critiques like these just to get a spark out of the anarchists, because he does it almost every year like clock work. And then in turn we help promote his views, and he gives credence to anti-militant left, even while claiming not to be a pacifist and supporting violent revolution abroad while standing against it all the time here at home. I'm curious if and when hedges things violence is legitimate in the US context, since he seems to give open license and broad sweeping support for it abroad. does he just not want to see it close to home? is he afraid? or does he have a strategy he would like to propose?


ziq wrote

does he have a strategy he would like to propose?

I have a hunch the answer is no.


zod wrote

We need more radical voices, but it's hard now that youtube and the other big media sites won't let anything subversive get any kind of exposure or be monetized.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I like more the idea of building good alternatives, but yes.


zod wrote

We should build alternatives, but we can't expect those alternatives to reach the masses. Unfortunately, most people don't feel the need to stray from youtube, twitter, reddit and facebook. Those of us who do are already here and don't need to be educated.