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edmund_the_destroyer wrote

Thanks for sharing. Interesting. My kids watch Fullmetal Alchemist and Attack on Titan, so I had noticed the Nazi references before. I didn't realize it was so common.


bryl wrote

This is interesting. While Japan is mostly pretty chill, I've noticed a strain of right-wing nationalism that has persisted since WWII, particularly against Korea.


NAB wrote

they also largely denie the rape of nanking too.


voiceonthewind wrote

I didn't realize how common this was but as is pointed out at least in the two more popular shows (the only ones I have seen) the fascists are the bad guys. How are you supposed to condemn fascism if you don't mention it?

The affinity for cosplay does bring up a good point about being careful with character design because yeah you don't need characters to look overtly like actual Nazis from the real world. There are other ways to reference fascism or Nazis specifically without making characters that actual Nazis WILL cosplay as.


shieer wrote

This is ridiculous. You can't censor an entire art form because some of the artists that work in it have politics you disagree with.


videl wrote

who said anything about censorship


existential1 wrote

From what I read, it seemed like the author didn't even suggest censorship. In fact, stating that they would keep watching anime, just not those that used veiled fascist imagery. The author didn't even suggest others should do so fact, stated just the opposite. That it seemed like most people hadn't even noticed.


bryl wrote

Censorship seems to be what all the cool-kid right wingers are whining about these days.