(Why) is the American antifa impulsive and unorganized compared to Europe's?

Submitted by tlckl in Antifa

See for example denmark. They have like a fucking research organization (Research-kollektivet Redox) that systematically infiltrates groups and writes long reports on them.

They fucked over the fash in Aalborg (the 4th biggest city) by infiltrating them and then destroying their spaces and outing them all. This was effective, well-planned, and well-executed.

It seems though that the American antifa acts nothing like that. From what I gather, they are totally unorganized, don't know what they're doing and who they're fighting. They also acts very impulsive, seemingly going after strangers, who are of no significance, and might not even be fascists.

I might just be ignorant, but that's the impression I'm getting. Is there any truth to it?



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DeathToAmerica wrote

It's not just antifa, it's the entire American left. It barely even exists.


tlckl OP wrote

Maybe that's why. The left is so uorganized that Antifa might just be acting like an organization of impotence.

Also, European organizations tends to have roots in resistance against fascism in power (e.g. nazi germany, who invaded a lot of Europe), and thus have more training.


tlckl OP wrote

Like, it almost seems like an organization of people having no idea what to do, out of desperation. I'm don't mean to judge anybody, but it seems very inefficient, perhaps because it lacks the infrastructure the far-left has in other countries.


LostWithPurpose wrote

America is the capital of the neoliberal empire, it's extremely hard to radicalize Americans when they are so overfed with imperialist propaganda.


tlckl OP wrote

In the case of antifa, I'm not really too worried about them not being true believers etc., but rather the way that they organize and the targets they pick.


jadedctrl wrote

Doxxing sounds like a great way to fuck over the fash-- but this kind of thing needs to be done now, before fascism becomes more mainstream.
I think I'll try to find some fascist groups in my area and go inside with a couple of antifa friends. Blend, dox, get out. Sounds simple enough, right? I think I'm underestimating it, though.


tlckl OP wrote

I don't think it's that hard really. Just buy a MAGA hat, then go to one of those alt-right rallies, and try to "make friends" (e.g. exchange facebook).