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aiwendil wrote

I agree with that. I think it might be better if we can get links to groups that already have some resources, but need volunteers and go down with them. I am not sure I want to be such a public figure myself anyway. I would really like to get down there and help out and maybe start talking to people about issues of social justice. I know that religious organizations are already mobilized and preaching and countering the notion that religious people are the only ones that care is important, but they are very well funded unlike loose collectives of anarchists. Maybe we can get a bunch of links together for secular groups that are heading over to volunteer and get people connected that way to begin with. I'm not sure if such a thing exists, but it should and if we can't find links, maybe now would be a good time to put an org together. When I've tried to start things like that before I have run into that social capital issue though. People don't want to get involved unless you are established and you can't get established because people don't want to get involved. Seems very complicated to be doing on the fly.


kramlmark wrote

For what it's worth, my street medic collective has been working with another collective in Houston to get supplies there -- is their page, they have an Amazon wish list and a paypal: and


aiwendil wrote

I am not on Facebook, do they have a public email that I could reach them at?